Art reproductions

Photographic reproductions of seventeenth paintings of the Baroque master Giovanni Battista Quagliata (1603-1673).

The photographs have been commisioned by the art historian Teresa Russo.

1. / 2. "The Mess of Saint Gregory" (oil on canvas) after and before (with strongly angled lights) the restoration work. Messina, Regional Museum (Italy).

An article of mrs Russo, about the story of the painting and its important restoration, has been published on Critica d'Arte N59/60.

3. "Madonna and Child with Saints Francis and Clare" (oil on canvas). Church of Montevergine, Messina (Italy).

4. The final image of the "Madonna and Child with Saints Francis and Clare" has been created in post production merging several photographes a cause of the big structure located in front of the painting.

5. “Apparition of the Virgin Mary to the Saint Paul" (oil on canvas). Church of Saint Rita, Messina (Italy)

6. "The death of Saint Joseph" (oil on canvas). Church of Saint James, Capizzi (Italy)

7. Allegoric Scene (oil on canvas). Messina, Museum of the Treasure of the Cathedral (Italy)

8. "Communion of Saint Benedict" (oil on canvas). Messina, Regional Museum (Italy)

9. "Virgin" (fresco on wall). Messina, Cathedral (Italy)