2009 / 2010

A tribute to Picasso's drawings of bullfighting, inspired by Paleolithic cave paintings of Lascaux, in southwestern France. In those primitive images, force and spirituality of the bull were represented with power. In the french southern region of Camargue, native black bulls with upward sweeping horns run free in the suggestive marshland in the delta of the river Rhone.

The second photo is finalist at The Art of Photography Show 2012; it has been also finalist at 32nd Annual Spring Photography Contest 2012 of the Photographer's Forum Magazine. It is part of the portfolio overall winner of the Amateur Photographer of the Year 2011 ( first place of the Wildlife round of APOY 2011).

The first photo has won the Honorable Mention, Fine Art category, Non-prof section, at the Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2009.